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Croatia's Luxury Retreat: Sumartin on Brač Island

Are you looking for an extravagant escape that seamlessly merges privacy, personalized services, and the breathtaking landscapes of Croatia's Adriatic coast?  Look no farther than Brač Island's Sumartin, a hidden gem known for its collection of magnificent beachfront villas. Learn why Sumartin stands out as Croatia's premier destination for an exceptional getaway, and reserve your stay in one of our high end rental villas now.

Croatia's Rising Luxury: Sumartin's Seaside Villas

In addition to being utterly breathtaking, Croatia's coastline is increasingly recognized as a high-end travel destination. The forefront of this trend includes luxury villa rentals, particularly those nestled on the islands by the sea, offering a unique and upscale experience.  Sumartin offers an unparalleled level of luxury waterfront villas, making it a hotspot for travelers seeking luxurious vacations.  The scenic paradise provides seclusion and breathtaking landscapes, creating the perfect setting for an indulgent retreat.  Nowhere else in Croatia will you find such a high density of high end waterfront residences.

Experience Brač Villas: Luxury Villas by the Sea

Enjoy the complete Brač experience in one of our privately owned seaside villas. Beyond the exceptional location, Brač Villas enhances your vacation with tailored services. From private chefs to on-site amenities, beauty programs, and guided day tours, we provide an unforgettable and seamless experience. With pride, Brac Villas has received a 5-star rating from the Croatian Tourism Ministry. All of our villas are built to the greatest standards of quality and service, ensuring an unmatched level of comfortable living. Book now for an unforgettable experience!

The Villa Advantage: Your Own Private Paradise

Wondering why renting a villa in Sumartin surpasses a luxurious Croatian hotel experience?  The answer lies in the perfect blend of private environments and five-star hotel like service.  At Brač Villas, we provide guests with the ultimate in individualized luxury, with daily housekeeping, concierge services, private chefs, on-site massage therapy, and more. In addition to five-star services, you'll have the privilege of enjoying all the benefits of a private waterfront property, including direct access to the sea via your private pontoon (yes, all our villas have direct sea access).  At your doorstep are a variety of water sports, including jet skiing, waterskiing, kayaking, and snorkeling in the stunning waters of the Mediterranean. For you, our on-call concierge will arrange day trips to the most idyllic locations on Brač Island, whether by car or speedboat. We can organize guided e-bike tours, visits to the masonry school in Pučišća, hikes to Vidova Gora, wine tastings in Bol, visits to the picturesque town of Milna, and many more. By speedboat, our skipper will take you to exclusive restaurants, the old town of Hvar, the stunning Blue Cave, the well-known Laganini Bar, and other iconic places.
Whether it's a family vacation, a getaway with friends, or a business gathering, our villas provide a perfect setting. Book your stay now and make the most of your time on Brač Island.

Brac Island's Natural Beauty: Croatia's Hidden Gem

Explore the breathtaking coastline of Croatia's best-kept secret, Brač Island, and experience its unmatched beauty. Renowned for its crystal-clear, top-quality waters, Brač stands out for offering some of the most breathtaking coastal scenery in the Adriatic region. Our villas provide direct access to the sea, allowing you to seamlessly immerse yourself in the vibrant underwater world, perfect for snorkeling enthusiasts.
As the largest and highest island in Dalmatia, Brač is a haven for nature lovers. With diverse flora and fauna, the island appeals to exploration through cycling or e-biking tours. For those seeking a more challenging adventure, hike to the island's zenith, Vidova Gora, standing at an impressive 778 meters.
Escape tourist crowds! Even during the peak season, Brač manages to scatter crowds across its vast landscape and charming villages, maintaining a serene vacation experience. Sumartin, in particular, provides a tranquil escape with an abundance of villas and an absence of big hotels, promising an idyllic retreat.

What is the best time of year to visit Croatia?

Brac Villas is open from April to October, allowing its guests to enjoy Croatia's most pleasurable season. For those wanting peace and quiet, visit Brač during the low season, when the beaches are less crowded.  In each villa, we provide the convenience of a sauna and heated pools, keeping the temperature at an appealing 30°C for a refined experience even in milder weather. Book your one-of-a-kind villa in Sumartin to create an amazing escape that goes above and beyond the usual.

Our Selection of Privately Owned Villas

Getting to Brač Island and Dalmatia: Traveling Without Stress

Not sure how to travel to Dalmatia? The main airport in Split makes it easy to get to. Brač Airport offers travelers a convenient alternative with direct flights from multiple locations. Of all the airports in Dalmatia, Brač Airport has gained popularity among private jet owners due to its convenient location.

Furthermore, there are multiple ferry options that connect Brač Island to the mainland. Sail from Split to Bol or Supetar, or take a direct route from Makarska to Sumartin. To ensure a simple beginning to your island getaway, we will provide you with a private speedboat or car transfer from Split airport to the villa. Explore Dalmatia effortlessly with Brač Villas and make your journey as memorable as the destination.

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